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Loobies Story:  Loobies Story Winter collection takes inspiration from Parisian women.  Loobies Story winter collection embodies all that is synonymous with this stylish icon, and her equally stylish city.  Timeless and elegant, yet bohemian and exotic. This collection drapes its wearer in luxurious prints  and wraps them up with delicious layers of of super soft knitwear and sumptuous fur pieces.  Loobies Story love of natural fibers mean fabrics are luxurious, has exclusive prints and styling.  Loobies Lux jean range includes the Luxe Boyfriend and classic jeans.  By Design is proud to be an official stockist.

Home-Lee:  You will love this collection of stylish comfortable clothing.  The Home-Lee label is famous for their Home-lee apartment pants.

Verge Clothing:  Stylish, unique and relevant, New Zealand fashions brand Verge delivers effortless dressing to the modern women.  Interpeting the flavour of trends into timeless quality pieces that will still be your favorite in years to come.  Allowing the modern women to express her own individual style.
Verge Acrobat pant collection features exlusive European fabric - the ultimate in comfort and performance.  These super lightweight pants form the staple elements of many a travel wardrobe.  They fold down to nothing and provide an easy wash and wear carefree solution to the seasoned traveller.

Verge JeansDiscover our stock service collection from Verge jeans.

Lemon Tree Clothing:  Lemon Trees Sue has had 30 years in the British fashion industry before coming to New Zealand.  Sue is delighted to be designing stylish clothing that reflects the practical needs of busy women.  Women who still wants to feel sexy and confident.  Sue is inspired by quality fabric, textures and shapes that will translate into effortlessly wearable pieces.
Libertine Design:  Lissette's mother taught her to sew at a young age. Going into design was a natural progression from her first job as an assistant buyer.  At 21 She left her job to get a degree in fashion and design.  She went on to spend over 20 years as a production designer for large scale wholesale garment companies.  With  a passion for fabric and prints she soon went on to developed her own label Libertine - creating original prints that bring a feeling of luxury and sophistication, which a touch of whimsy.

Madly Sweetly: Madly sweetly specialising in stylish womens high quality fashion.  Madly Sweetly is a balance between style and functionality and most importantly personality.

Moke Duck Down Jackets:  Down is possibly natures greatest insulator.  The naturally loose structure of down traps a very large amount of air.  This air is then heated by the body to provide insulation.

Additionally, don has the greatest ability to breathe.  Lifting away perspiration so you don't experience the clamminess which often occurs with synthetic fabrics.

  • Very high warmth to weight ratio
  • highly breathable
  • Packable as down recovers very well from compression.
To compliment these qualities the outer shell of all Moke packable down jackets utilize modern lightweight high denier fabric that in beautifully soft to the touch.

90/10 Premium Down Feather ratio - 90/10 down refers to the ratio of the blend of down and other feathers.  The higher the percentage of down the higher the insulation properties related to weight.  All Moke down products are 90% down and 10% other feathers.